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2021 Updated Handbook

The handbook contains the policies and procedures for this program, and will provide you with the necessary information you need before getting started.


What is the Language Immersion After School Program at Nanaimo Language Centre? 

Great question! There are many things young children can do better than us, and one of them is learning languages. This exciting program provides a unique opportunity for young students to immerse into a new language environment after school. Students will learn a new language in a fun and educational environment at an early age. 


What are the advantages of young children learning a new language?   

Research shows that learning a second language boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills, in addition to improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask. Children proficient in other languages also show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility.

Other advantages include: 


  • Nurtures curiosity, cultural sensitivity, empathy and tolerance 
  • Facilitates learning progress
  • Boosts academic achievement 
  • Enhances future career opportunities
  • Gives them a head start 
  • Exposure to other languages at an early age provides an opportunity to tap into one’s natural ability


What is a good age for my child to start learning a new language? 

It’s never too early to begin learning a new language. It’s fun, it promotes healthy development, and the many cognitive and social benefits will last a lifetime.


How is your program designed? Do students have outdoor time? 

Absolutely!  Our interactive classes include:

  • arts and crafts
  • science
  • music and dance
  • traditional games
  • storytelling and so much more.

These activities help with concentrating on expanding vocabulary while introducing literary awareness in the target language. The idea is to immerse the students in a total cultural environment while taking into account young children’s general needs, language acquisition steps, and communicative interests to develop easy immersion techniques and materials.


Where are you located? What kind of outdoor space do you have access to?  

We are located inside Nanaimo North Town Centre. Aside from our  3000 square feet of indoor classroom space, we enjoy the beautiful outdoor playground of NNTC as well as the field on the property. We are also within walking distance to Oliver Woods Community Centre.

Occasionally, we bring students on field trips to different locations in town with no additional cost to parents.


What are the instructors’ qualifications? 

The program has been carefully developed by professionals with extensive experience in Canadian early childhood education and foreign language education to meet the needs of young students. A valid first aid/CPR certificate and criminal record check are also mandatory. 


What language(s) and age group are being offered? 

We are currently accepting enrollment for students from age 5 to 8 into our Spanish Immersion After School Program. 


What time does the program take place? 

Monday to Friday, from school dismissal to 5:30pm. 


My child doesn’t know this language, could I register?

For sure! This program is designed for students with no exposure to Spanish and/or students with limited experience in the language. Our aim is to make learning Spanish fun in a safe, after-school environment.


How many students in a class? 

To ensure the quality of this program, the class size is 10-12 students. Therefore spaces are limited and we follow the first come first serve policy. Please register early to secure a spot.


What are the fees?

Here is the fee breakdown:

  • Registration fee: $50 – one time only 
  • Tuition: $359 per month per student
  • Irregular early dismissal days: additional $10/hour 
  • Late Pick-up fee: $10 for each 15 minutes per student  


How do I register? 

It’s easy. Simply click here and register online. Spanish Immersion After School Program is the only full-time after school program we are accepting registrations for this moment.

If this is your first registration, please also click here to pay the registration fee. 


A short video about our program:

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