French Summer Camps

Have Fun, make friends, learn a new language.

Growing up with bilingual or multiple languages is the easiest, fastest, and most effortless way to learn a foreign language.

The camp is designed to give young students a strong foundation in the French Language. Students learn the basic pronunciation of French and become familiar with greetings, numbers, days of the week, time, and other daily-use vocabulary.

Let your children grow up speaking multiple languages

  • Multilingualism has been proven to help your child develop superior reading and writing skills.
  • Multilingual children also tend to have over all better analytical, social, and academic skills.
  • Knowing more than one language helps your child feel at ease in different environments. It creates a natural flexibility and adaptability, and it increases self-esteem and confidence.
  • Your child will develop an appreciation for other cultures and an innate acceptance of cultural differences.
  • Your child will have a head start in school. In most countries, a foreign language is mandatory.
  • Career prospects are multiplied many times over for people who know more than one language.
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